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Once upon a time, a small business owner named Fred was unhappy with his company’s productivity and performance. While he made it public knowledge to anyone who would listen, the details that separated good from bad were top secret.

No matter how much Fred’s accountant tried to persuade him that his workers needed objective benchmarks, Fred was convinced that expressing his displeasure with the results was all the information they needed and anything more a serious breech of his financial privacy.

As a young officer in the Army, I was taught the value of "need-to-know", but thirty years of business experience also taught me the importance of sharing information with the workforce. Here is what I learned:

  • Most workers are concerned about the financial health of their company and will do whatever they can to insure its success.
  • Workers need to see the company’s goals in tangible terms. Contrary to Fred’s fears, goals can be expressed and presented in a non-financial way.
  • On a regular basis, workers need to see the progress of their efforts.
  • Performance improvement needs to be rewarded.

If you happen to run into Fred, tell him about my secret.

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